What Koreans think about Japan

In 2020, relations have worsened with commercial restrictions on one side and boycott on the other side. Nevertheless, in South Korea, the opinion is divided and even inside one age group, opinions can differ on the topic. In this article, I will sum up what Koreans think about Japan.

Why South Korea and Japan don’t like each other ?

This year 2020 was particularly tense between South Korea and Japan. This was shown through different events such as the Japanese products boycott in Korea or the exportation restrictions to Korea by Japan. Everything is due to a very complicated past between these two countries that resulted in Korea hating Japan, which in return created the same feeling in Japan towards Korea. But why South Korea and Japan don’t like each other ?

The benefits of remote work (Coronavirus edition)

This year 2020 has started with the Coronavirus that changed our habits and disrupted our current society. Remote work has become an important topic. In this article, I would like to show you how much remote work is underestimated and why, according to me, this should be a possibility for everyone (as long as your work is compatible with this philosophy of course).