The 3 benefits of fitness for your job

I have been doing fitness for more than 5 years and I guarantee you that fitness has a lot of benefits for your professional life. Fitness is a way to discover your body and understand the mechanisms that make it move. I several times told myself: “Oh my god, I didn’t know there was muscle here !”. The human body is fascinating. Understanding why an exercise is useful and how important proper execution is, is in my opinion very interesting.

Towards oral expression : Feedback on my six months of self-learning Korean

This has now been 6 months since I started learning Korean. Time really flies ! Consequently, I feel it would be useful to share my current experience in learning Korean. As a matter of fact, six months is a substantial period of time, allowing a solid basis in the language, and some retrospective on the progress made.

5 reasons to become an embedded systems engineer

Countless people would like to become an engineer, but the title encompasses so many jobs that it does not mean much in the end. You don’t become an engineer, you become an engineer in a certain field. I am an embedded systems engineer and here I will explain to you why this is a promising job with numerous qualities. But first, what is an embedded system ?

The power of chaebols and its consequences

You might have never heard of chaebols but this word is very important in the Korean economy. It’s thanks to chaebols that South Korea became so economically powerful and that the country became a key actor in worldwide commercial exchanges. But then, what is a chaebol ? A chaebol is the name given to a big industrial Korean group.

Asia, the new economic center

Asia is a vast continent that has attracted a lot of attention in the past two decades thanks to the lightning economic growth of countries like China and South Korea. I think that too many people in Europe and North America do not understand the impact Asia has in our current world and cannot fathom the economic power they are starting to possess. In this article, I would like to tickle your curiosity and make you realize how powerful Asia is and how powerful it can be. Maybe Asia’s hegemony is on its way.

How to successfully work remotely ?

This year 2020 saw the rise of remote work in numerous countries to face the Covid-19 pandemic. The change was sometimes drastic with an unexpected few months of remote work. As a result, it disturbed people who had no prior experience.

4 common expressions in Japanese emails II (advanced)

In this article, I will present you new japanese expressions often used in mails. The sentences I will show you here are sentences used at an advanced level of proficiency compared to the first article. They are commonly used to communicate with business partners or customers and allow you to structure your text as well as to guide your politeness level.

Counting in Japanese and in Korean

Counting in Japanese and Korean can quickly become a hard task for a westerner. Learning how to count correctly will follow you during your entire learning journey. Let’s see why.

How to find an apartment in Seoul as a young foreigner

To find an apartment in Seoul and to move there in only 2 days is totally possible. I experienced it myself and the method is quick, efficient and accessible to everyone ! The only prerequisite is the following : To speak fluently Korean or to know a very kind Korean person who will help you in the process.

What Koreans think about Japan

In 2020, relations have worsened with commercial restrictions on one side and boycott on the other side. Nevertheless, in South Korea, the opinion is divided and even inside one age group, opinions can differ on the topic. In this article, I will sum up what Koreans think about Japan.